Wozzon Now? July 2015

Hello Again Rockers – so sorry I’ve neglected the blog somewhat, it’s all been crazy busy around here as usual.

Wow, I can hardly believe it’s been nearly a year since WGAR began. This time last year we were just starting to kick ideas around with a vage notion that we would somehow paint and distribute a few pebbles, now almost twelve months later we have sent out well over a thousand of our rocks and collected over five thousand followers on Facebook 🙂

Those of you that keep an eye on our page might have seen an update recently explaining what we are doing now with Lady Sketch. As explained, I am celebrating a return to good (or as good as it is going to get) health, which has meant a few changes here at Pebble HQ as we return to proper working family life. With this return to the ‘real world’ brings the return of financial responsibility. In short, after a year of operating as a non-profit organisation, we now need to start earning money.

We are proud that WGAR has never made any money as that wasn’t our intention. I didn’t want to suddenly back track on the ethos that has made the whole organisation so special – it didn’t seem right. So we decided to expand into new horizons – murals, furniture, signs and gifts; and to make some of our most popular pebbles available to buy, alongside some new ideas, through a Lady Sketch shop.

Whilst we are concentrating most of our efforts on the new business, this isn’t the end of ‘Who Gives A Rock.’ So please do keep checking the page and feel free to friend me on facebook  so you will be the first to know when we drop some more pebbles. And we will be dropping more, especially with our first birthday coming up on 10th September 2015 🙂 🙂

At the moment, we are offering a whopping 25% discount on all pebble orders placed through Facebook. This is offer is exclusive to our Facebook buddies, so make sure you LIKE the Lady Sketch page to take advantage of this before the end of August 2015.

PP xx