In September 2015, shortly after we had started Lady Sketch, PP met up with Dawn who writes the totally awesome Budeandbeyond.

We had a cuppa at Life’s A Beach and a good old yarn. Unfortunately it was a proper gusty day so the majority of what Dawn recorded was useless! Luckily she has a great memory and wrote a very lovely piece which you can read here.


There are more interviews which I can’t find at the mo, so I thought I’d share Ten Questions Rocky and I asked each other about our experiences…

Rocky Interview January 2017

PP sits Rocky down with a coffee to find out exactly what he thinks of the project.

1. Favourite part of WGAR?

I actually really liked the dropping of the rocks by stealth in daylight! Sitting and watching to see if people would notice them or pick them up was pretty cool too. I remember the one we left at Gylly for the little girl and her Dad – seeing their faces when they noticed the one painted stone amongst all the plain ones was awesome.
I also really loved taking the photographs. We started with quite blurry shots on the go, but then progressed to some lush shots of Cornwall.

2. Which bits of WGAR do you not like so much?

Probably back when it was at its peak and our tiny little house was full of pebbles. Like literally everywhere. It was like living in a quarry! Also the thousands of labels! That bit was really fiddly and used to stress you out so ended up being my job.

3. Best Memories of WGAR?

Oh! Getting accosted by the police! Ha! I was hiding a rock under a bush at the time… they thought I was stashing drugs 😂 I had to explain the whole project to them. Also, that day we dropped off Tanya’s Rock in Camborne and just as I was leaving it on the doorstep, the kids busted me!! I legged it back to the car.
Oh yeah, and the times I left pebbles for Donna at Tesco. When she served me I would drop it right under her nose. Stealth 👌

(Rocky looks a bit chuffed)

4. Best thing about working with PP?

We make an amazing team. It helps that we get on really well. Generally the whole thing has been us having an epic time and a good laugh together. Also watching how your skills have progressed over the last few years. I think that’s pretty amazing.

5. Worst thing about working with PP?

(Rocky gives me a sideways look)

When we both have different ways of doing something. We both always think we are right which can lead to bickering… lol!

6. Would you do it again?

Possibly. But we wouldn’t be able to do it for free anymore. I try not to think about how much we ended up spending on fuel!! We must’ve done at least four thousand miles. It was definitely worth it though. We made a lot of people smile and were able to help some awesome charities too.

7. What would you do differently?

I’d invent a quicker way to base paint the rocks. That’s the bit that takes ages and can be a bit tedious.

8. Any regrets?

Nope. Not one. The whole experience was amazing and kind of like a gateway to where we are now.

9. Favourite Pebble Drops?

Definitely the hospital. And St Piran’s day. Halloween was pretty cool too.

9. Why?

Because the ones at the hospital were all for people and places and a situation that was very close to our hearts. I loved walking straight into haematology and dropping a box at reception with remission rocks for all of the consultants that had looked after you.
St Piran’s day has always been a big thing for me because you know, I lived in Perran as a child, so it was lovely to go back there with the flag pebbles. I would’ve loved to have found one as a kid, doing the St Piran’s Day March.
I really enjoyed the second Halloween, driving around Idless and Tehidy looking for spooky places to photograph. That was cool too.


(PP is about to ask the last question when Rocky experiences a rush of enthusiasm)

I’d just like to say a big thank you to all of our Rock Stars and Pebble Pals and Rock Buddies and FB followers… basically anyone that’s taken an interest. It’s because of you that we progressed as far as we did and you are the ones still keeping it going. You guys Rock!

Rocky out, mic drop 👈

PP Interview February 2017

Rocky’s turn to grill PP…

1. Favourite part of WGAR?

Ummm. There is so much of the project that made us both genuinely happy. I’d say the bits I love the most are the messages and the interaction with our Rock Buddies.
I also loved how it got us out and about every day whatever the weather. It was great for the kids, collecting stones, visiting new places. I loved exploring bits of Cornwall we didn’t know very well. Then as the project went on it became as much about getting  beautiful images of Cornwall with our rocks in them as hiding and delivering. I liked revisiting places I’d not seen since I was little.

2. Which bits of WGAR do you not like so much?

I remember getting frustrated by the admin. Ha! Compared to Lady Sketch it was a doddle! Ummm, base painting en masse gets a bit boring sometimes. And being surrounded by bloody pebbles! I don’t miss that.
Money was also always an issue for me. Having to sell pebbles to cover costs made me feel like we were going against the whole WGAR ethos.

3. Best Memories of WGAR?

Numerous!  Making the WGAR short film is up there in my top ten! Also the first few weeks were so exciting weren’t they? Because I mean neither of us had any idea it was going to take off so quickly.

4. Best thing about working with Rocky?

You are a stealth legend. Fact.

Also I love the fact that we make a really good team. I think because we know each other so well, we naturally play to our strengths. We also have a similar sense of humour which is crucial when things are going wrong!!

5. Worst thing about working with Rocky?

(I try and fail to stare PP down)

Having to be the organised one!! We are both naturally chaotic 😁

6. Would you do it again?

No question. Of course I would! Apart from our fam-a-lam, this is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done with my life.

7. What would you do differently?

I’d go back into it with the knowledge that you can’t please everyone. I think in the early days I ran myself ragged trying to be all things to all people. There is a difference between being altruistic and being a push over.

8. Any regrets?


9. Favourite Pebble Drops?

Remember that one Saturday where we hit the road with a sack full of pebbles and no plan? People were racing to find them and posting to the page all day with requests to be rocked. It was a real laugh!

9. What do you most want to be remembered for?

With WGAR? That our pebbles made people happy, without any political or religious or social agenda. Just two people putting something good out into the world, at a time when everything seems to be so uncertain.
In life? Unsure. We’ll come back to that one!


(I wait for PP to say something then give her a nudge)

So? What do you want to say to the people reading this then?

(PP points at me)

What he said. Without our rock buddies, WGAR is just a pair of weirdos dropping attractive looking litter 😆 Thank you for making it so much more. No mic drop!


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