Start Here!


Warm and fuzzy pebble greetings to you!!

Whether you have stumbled across us by accident, or are one of our Rock Buddies looking for specifics or a bit of nostalgia, this is a good place to begin 😊

Start here to find out what Who Gives A Rock is all about including the lowdown on Pebble Drops, Rock Return and the Rock Registry.

Next visit our blog for more of what we get up to. You could check out our archives from 2014 and WGAR’s Best Bits while you are there 😊

You definitely shouldn’t miss our Gallery full of lovely pics and a fun way to impress others with your knowledge of Cornwall 😉Here you will also find random WGAR Trivia, sneaky peeks at PP’s old WGAR Diaries & messages in behind the scenes and Spot The Rock our very own take on Where’s Wally!!

You!! Is pretty much what it says on the tin – all about you fabulous people. We are planning to fill this area with your photos and stories about WGAR. Please Email us with anything you would like to add, or use the contact form.

And finally we have the Press section where you can see the nice things written about us, not forgetting Interviews where you can find out what PP and Rocky REALLY think about WGAR when they interviewed each other.

Thanks so much for visiting! Please do get involved – hearing from you guys is what keeps this project going and also makes us smile 😊😊😊

Ps. Keep your eyes peeled for pebbles if you are around our way. Why not follow us on Facebook to stay in the loop…


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