Here is where you can find our press clippings and interviews.

In 2014 we received a message to the page from a lovely lady at the West Briton who wanted to interview Pebble Painter. Excited was an understatement! We were on the road at the time, so pulled over into a petrol station and gave a short interview.

Next they asked if a photographer could visit us. Would it be possible to maintain anonymity? We were assured that it would.

We had a brief photo session in the back garden and were told the piece should be published the following week, provided nothing massive happened in Cornwall over the next few days.

Wednesday morning and we were up bright and early, checking the West Briton on our phones. It took a while to find, but there it was, a wonderful article about the project.

I headed up to the shop shortly afterwards to buy a paper copy, and could hardly believe my eyes when confronted with a photo of my hand on the front page!!


How I kept a straight face while paying for the paper (someone I knew which was even harder!) is beyond me 😊


What a lovely article!

To read it online go here.

We were so grateful for our write up that we sent a present back to the West Briton…


…hidden of course, with clues sent by email 😉


It was around this time that we were contacted by Radio Cornwall and also appeared in the Western Morning News.

For interviews, see here.