Rock Return

Rock Return is when you return the pebble you have found or were gifted, to your nearest beach. Not everyone is comfortable with taking from the beach, even though our stones are collected with permission, so this is a nice option for those with ecological concerns.

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At this point it is worth mentioning that if everyone took a handful of stones every time they were at the beach, we would run into problems! Rocks form part of vital flood defences and so in the recent past, people who have turned up and filled the boot to go and build a fishpond or whatever have found themselves in a bit of bother…

Luckily for us, our supply comes from a place where beautiful, smooth pebbles are brought in twice a day by the tide, in abundance, where surfers and swimmers need to walk. As mentioned in our 2014 blog archive, we had a meeting and obtained permission to collect them within a couple of weeks of WGAR starting up.

Before this however, we used to bag up beach rubbish when collecting our stones, as a way of saying thanks – good beach karma never hurt anyone ❤

You can find more fun fact WGAR Trivia here.

Our best ever Rock Return was when we repatriated thirty pebbles to Gyllingvase beach in Falmouth, Painted up like St Piran’s flags.


It seemed like so many pebbles in the car, but when we dropped them they suddenly seemed a very insignificant amount 😊

You can read more about our St Piran Pebbles here.


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