WGAR Rock Ups!

As with any three year long business or project, WGAR has made its fair share of rock ups! Here is where we celebrate those clangers 👌

The best message we ever received was entitled ALERT!! I wondered what on earth had happened at first, then realised one of our eagle eyed rock stars had spotted a photo containing Rocky’s silhouette and was concerned it might wreck our anonymity.

We loved this message because the alert caused a chuckle, but also because it made us realise that other people were as invested in the project as us. We were touched that someone was concerned enough about our anonymity to take the trouble to message ❤😍😙


Here are some pics we didn’t realise we shouldn’t have used until it was too late 🙈🙈

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This next pic made us hoot! A double check on the flag might have been wise!!