WGAR Trivia

Here are some fun facts about Who Gives A Rock 😊

* Our first big pebble drop was on Thursday September 11th 2014 when we sent out hugs and blessings to commemorate 9/11. Of the twenty stones we dropped around Truro, we heard back from four people. We were just overjoyed to receive one reply 👌

* To date, WGAR has dropped over three thousand painted pebbles. Our furthest travelled is to Manly Beach in Sydney, Australia.

* Since the project began, Rocky and PP have gone through four Rock-Mobiles. The car breaking down became a long standing joke on the page, and happy news for our friends in Truro, as it meant we were conducting pebble drops on foot!

* PP has no formal art training, having been told by her GCSE art teacher that she had no talent. It has been a real learn on the job experience which you can see if you compare the first pebbles with what she does now.

* Rocky’s full pseudonym is in fact Rock Santa. Pebble Painter was affectionately (we hope!) christened PP by our pebble pals on the page.

* So far, WGAR has raised and donated around £600 to different charities. This has normally been achieved by us auctioning off pebbles in our Facebook Group. You can see more about the charities we have supported in WGAR’s Best Bits.

* PP once spent an hour on the phone with a Daily Mail journalist. Unfortunately an ex big brother contestant was misbehaving very publicly at the time, so we narrowly missed appearing in the national papers.

* WGAR was shortlisted by Co-operative Bank to be the subject of their new advertising campaign in 2015, but we were pipped to the post by a guerilla gardener.

* To date, WGAR has rocked Pirate FM three times in response to nominations. They still haven’t got back to us… 🤔🤔

* Pebble Painter  used to work in Career’s Advice & Guidance, has an honours degree in something completely unrelated and says her most ridiculous job ever is a toss up between selling roses in nightclubs and working on the mics at Gala Bingo!

* Rocky is a qualified Dementia Carer, used to be in charge of hygiene for the Rowes Bakery Factory, and says his most ridiculous job ever was knotting bikini bottoms in a factory!

* PP and Rocky are self confessed Radio One addicts and listen for up to fourteen hours a day. PP has a massive crush on Greg James and Rocky nearly cried the day Fearne Cotton left. We both love the Scott Mills show.

* In the run up to Christmas 2014, PP received forty nine requests for Frozen themed pebbles.

* Despite numerous experiments over three years, WGAR has still not found the solution for how to completely weatherproof a painted pebble. This is why we no longer recommend our stones be left outside.

* During our most successful period, PP had to delay posting photos of Pebble Drops by a few hours, to give more people a chance to find them.

* The messages we love the most are the ones we usually don’t mention on the page. WGAR is now quite used to being told off!! The fun is in crafting a light hearted, humorous reply. Hands down, our most favourite message ever is ALERT!

* The colour PP uses least is Orange because she has yet to find the right juicy shade. Orange WGAR pebbles are therefore quite unusual and rare to find.

* If you look closely at the WGAR rainbow pebbles, the orange stripe is always smaller than the other seven colours (see above).