What is Who Gives A Rock?

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 We are an anonymous community project based in Sunny Cornwall. At least, we were anonymous back in 2014… a lot has happened since then! To see what we are up to now click here.

Who Gives A Rock celebrate what is known as Art Abandonment by painting pebbles and leaving them lying around in villages, towns, workplaces and on beaches. Why? As gifts for you, the unsuspecting public ❤

We also used to deliver rocks to extra special people, nominated via Facebook when we ran our ‘You Have Been Rocked’ campaign every week or so. This was done with our ‘hide and find’ service with clues sent to your inbox and posted on our site.

Each pebble we leave carries our details, encouraging the finder to get in touch and find out what the project is all about.

Who Gives A Rock is a non-profit organisation. All we ask in return is that you take a photo of your pebble in its new environment and post it to our page so we can keep track of how far they are spreading.

Our mission is to spread the love one pebble at a time and deliver smiles where they are needed the most within the community.


You are most welcome to keep it as a gift with our love. All of our pebbles are taken with permission from an unwanted source so you can keep it guilt-free. We also encourage a Rock Return where you take it back to your nearest beach OR you can pay-it-forward and pass the pebble on for someone else to find. Try it, it’s great fun!

For your information, all of our pebbles have been entered into our Rock Registry and have a code on the back for identification purposes. If you are interested, we can tell you the colour, design, message, date it was painted and how many others are like it.

To find out more about Who Gives A Rock, start here!

Oh yes, and we still drop pebbles now and again to keep you on your toes…Follow us here to stay in the loop 👀


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